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Sthlm Fintech Week is a community-driven fintech event bringing together thought-leaders to foster new connections and enhance collaboration. During the week, nine different fintech verticals, dozens of world-class experts and hundreds of participants join forces and share their experience. The event is based on three pillars:

The first event was held in 2019 and continue annually, initiated by three co-founders, together with people who are deeply involved in the fintech community. The event is bringing together local and international experts, placing Stockholm as one of the important fintech hotspots in Europe.

Together we create the future of fintech.

Lana Brandorne

Co-Founder & Head of Startups and Investor Engagement

Anna Blyablina

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships and Program

Love Dager

Co-Founder & Head of Event Production

Michal Gromek

Head of Insights & Lead for Insurtech and Combating The Dark Side of Fintech

Jens Frid

Decentralized Finance Lead

Richard Rosenholtz

Regtech Lead

Louise Grabo

Public Fintech Initiatives & Regulations Lead

Mikael Eriksson

AI in Fintech Lead

Jasmin Elmi

Project Coordinator & Marketing Manager

Ana Krndija

PR and Media Manager

Matt Broniarek

Project Coordinator