Investor Networking Event

Welcome to the investor meeting!

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Early-stage Investor Day is organised in collaboration with Invest Stockholm, Findec and Sthlm Fintech Week to provide quality introduction meetings between our angel and early-stage investor network and selected pre-seed and seed-stage startups.

The application forms will be evaluated and you will be informed whether your startup has been selected to join.


14:00 Welcome from SFW, Findec and Invest Stockholm

14:10 A brief presentation by each participating investor (1 min/per VC). Please prepare a few words on your background and especially what you are looking for.

14:30 – 16:30 Breakout sessions between startups and investors



Ponture is a leading and authorised platform for companies to find best factoring and business loans in Sweden.

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Investure Global AB

We are mobilizing and channelling investments to bridge the $2.5 trillion SDG funding gap in developing markets.

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Acty Technologies

The platform that drives sustainable investments

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Gårdskapital AB

Gårdskapital (GK) is an alternative lender for farm businesses.

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Invest in your future • Make an impact through your investments

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Sparla AB

Sparla is the first techfin company in the world to help people break the curse of overconsumption.

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The Third Act

The Third Act is a power shifter, establishing a new economic approach for modern working life to help more people
realize and enhance their future. We start with a digital platform enabling people to take control of their pension.

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Alein Payments

Handling complex split payments

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Econans AB

Help and convert with Econans tools

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bammer Sverige AB

Secured securities and off-exchange assets

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Workamo AB

We enable both freelancers and companies in the gig economy to easily take and get paid at a low price.

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Notarize documents online remotely at anytime

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Empowering asset managers with visualization and alpha signals from alternative data.

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Spend less, save more. Repeat

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Helping Gig and Marketplace businesses navigate the future of work.

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Simplifying life for esport pros and content creators

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Where the nomadic lifestyle and international tax dealings live in a simpler world!

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Trust Anchor Group AB

Trust Anchor Group launches a new Smart City Infrastructure for Smart Contracts and Economic feedback, in compliance with the IEEE IoT Harmonization standardization effort.

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The Swedish FinTech propelling mortgages into the age of the cloud. We’re the tech platform behind mortgage challengers.

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Hubins AB

One Platform For All Investments

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