Embedded Finance and Lending

There are so many new options available to companies looking to embed payments, insurance, or even completely new financial services into their product.

The track will first included a panel focusing on how to incorporate payments, insurance, and other financial services into product offerings. Panellists will discuss the importance of understanding consumer needs and preferences when building financial products, strategies for marketing and building trust, and the use of data and analytics to improve the customer experience and ensure product success. Finally, the panelists will discuss best practices for creating secure and compliant products that meet regulatory standards.

This will be followed by a pitch from a company focused on P2P lending.

After this, a second panel discussion will focus on the topic of whether or "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) strategies should be implemented by companies and, if so, how and where to start. The panelists will discuss best practices for implementing such strategies, and describe how these strategies have been successful (or not) in their own organizations. The panel will also explore the impact of BNPL strategies on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Finally, the panel will discuss the importance of data-driven decision-making and how companies can use analytics to inform their BNPL strategies.


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