Impact Fintech is commonly stated to be addressing, directly or indirectly, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), adopted by UN 2015. From ending poverty, reducing inequality, via financial inclusion, to spur financial health and economic growth, while tackling climate change. The Impact Track will focus on SDG 13 – climate action: how can impact fintech enable climate action. An area that the recent years has become to be known as climate fintech.   The first part of the track will focus on behavior. Impact actions are based on behavior. Behavior is based on awareness. For any organization, one of the most important questions to consider is how consumer, and employee, awareness can be created, and channeled into behavior that can be positive for the planet, a topic covered in the first keynote. This is followed up with a panel of bank representatives that together with impact fintechs will discuss how they create awareness in their customer base to leverage changed behavior to be more climate positive.   The second part of the track looks at local climate action - initiatives have exploded allowing consumers and businesses alike to take part, very often via the voluntary carbon market (VCM), involving carbon credits. An introduction keynote will explain how this market has evolved, what is ahead, and its current flaws. A panel, of climate fintechs and experts, will then discuss how an increasing number of fintechs have developed solutions for a more transparent, and verifiable VCM. And how their solutions enable more inclusive, and cost-effective markets, that will act as good role models – all for a more hopeful future.   Each part of the Impact track will also showcase one aspiring startup that will pitch their promising, and climate action oriented, solution.   The track is lead by Anders Norlin. His work has previously placed him in non-profit groups and helping high impact startups in venture capital. He is currently the Head of Nordics and Baltics of F10, working with financial industry innovation programs, and early stage fintech investments, with an extra focus on climate fintech.


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