Welcome to the core of Sthlm Fintech Week, the stage program! See below for the full agenda, with details being published on a rolling basis.

Venue location

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm [Google Maps]

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Monday Feb 13th


Tuesday Feb 14th

15:00 - 17:00

Pre-Event Check-in & Badge Collection

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Check in and collect your badge so you don't have to queue in the morning!

15:00 - 17:30

Community Session: Machine Learning in Fintech

Malmskillnadsgatan 36, 111 57, Stockholm. Amazon Web Services, floor 7

Co-Organized with Amazon Web Services

Discover the essential techniques for managing and scaling Machine Learning (ML) projects. Learn about key components, such as infrastructure management, model deployment, governance and monitoring, and collaboration between data scientists and IT teams. Learn more here:

17:30 - 20:00

VC & Founders Mingle by AWS

Arena Sergel, Malmskillnadsgatan 36

Co-Organized with Amazon Web Services

Have a drink with like-minded Fintech enthusiasts, discuss current investment landscape, get to ask AWS cloud experts your burning questions and network with our VC partners.

Register here:

17:30 - 19:00

Money 20/20 World Tour- Stockholm

TAK Restaurant 14th floor. Brunkebergstorg 2-4, 111 51 Stockholm, Sweden

This Valentines day, we're headed to the Nordics and playing cupid by hosting a Happy Hour in Stockholm during Sthlm Fintech Week to help you find true love...well, at least your true love for fintech :) Registration required! Find out more here:


Wednesday Feb 15th

09:00 - 17:00

Breakout Sessions

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

As a community-driven event, these are 3rd party organized events, held at the Sthlm Fintech Week venue.

11:00 -
Nordic Startups Access Dubai: Fintech Surge & North Star

Join us on February 15 at 11AM and get to know more about the business opportunities for startups in the UAE. Following a brief presentation about the startup show happening in October, you will get a chance to ask questions and network with companies with experience from the region. A competition will be launched to select a Scale-up looking for opportunities to explore Dubai for potential expansion where the winner receives flights, four nights hotel accommodation and a startup pod to exhibit at North Star (17-20 October 2023).

15:00 -
Following the crumbs 2.0

Closed breakout session. Follow the Crumbs 2.0 - A continuation of the post-panel discussion with members of the global blockchain analytics community, financial crime fighters, and experts from the Digital Asset Task Force from the Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime - to foster potential next steps - led by Oleksyi Feshschenko from the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime

With: Michal Gromek

09:00 - 10:30

Regulatory – How policymakers are shaping the future of Fintech

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with American Express

With a new government in place and Sweden entering the presidency in EU during the spring this track will focus on the role of fintech in upcoming regulation and policy initiative on national and European level.

The negotiation on policy matters like a potential Open Finance regulation and PSD2 Review will continue to intensify. This is the time for Sweden to take the lead in digital finance in Europe. How does policy makers and industry look at the new opportunities that upcoming regulation could mean? This track includes the release of the 4th annual report on the state of the fintech market in Sweden

This track is presented by expert Louise Grabo. Louise is the secretary general of the Swedish Fintech Association and the Swedish representative of the European Economic and Social Committee.

08:50 -
Opening Words

The official opening of Sthlm Fintech Week 2023! Hope you're ready, you'll have a blast!

With: Love DagerAnna BlyablinaLana Brandorne

09:00 -
09:05 -
Launch of the 2023 Fintech Report

How is the Swedish fintech industry doing? Swedish Fintech Association is publishing its 4th annual report on the state of the fintech market in Sweden. The report will be presented and commented by industry experts.

With: Erika Eliasson Ekberger

09:15 -
Discussion on the 2023 Fintech report

The 2023 Fintech report that was the subject of the keynote will be discussed by a panel of experts

With: Philip TrocméPer NordkvistArmando Coppola

09:35 -
The Future of Digital Finance in the EU

Hear from the regulators’ perspective about upcoming regulatory initiatives regarding open finance and fintech.

With: Jan Ceyssens

09:45 -
Open Finance – an uncertain future

The upcoming legislative proposal on Open Finance will be published by the European Commission in 2023. In this panel, the Commission will discuss with industry experts on the need and form for the upcoming regulation.

With: Maria StaszkiewiczJan CeyssensCaroline EmchJens Olsson

10:25 -
Closing remarks

10:30 - 12:00

RegTech – What can RegTech do for ESG?

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with ALM Partners

ESG is creeping into every discussion Banks and FinTechs are having. The topic is so wide it can be hard to define, yet it needs to be monitored, tracked, and reported on. RegTech firms are developing solutions to support governance and compliance with every new regulation that is announced. But are we helping? Is RegTech focused on the right things? What more can be done by RegTech to support ESG goals?

10:30 -
Welcome words
11:00 -
Sustainability considerations in banking, during the war in Ukraine

The evolving world has a strong impact on the views we have on sustainability and corporate responsibility. This in turn has implications for our definition of these terms. Without a unified definition firms will struggle with how to measure and report ESG. This includes, for example, the areas of risk management and reporting for financial services, and will result in differences in classifications and requirements at different companies.

With: Aaro Mäkelä

11:25 -
ESG RegTechs; Developments, new solutions and future outlooks
11:40 -
Access to UBO registers is ruled a violation of GDPR – how will this affect the process of KYC obligations?

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently deemed the current framework for public access to unique beneficial owner (UBO) information a “serious violation of privacy and data protection”. Austria and The Netherlands have already closed specific parts of their registers in order to meet the requirements of the EU ruling. And though the Swedish company registry (Bolagsverket) remains open, they have reported a personal data incident to the Swedish Privacy Agency because the current e-service does not comply with the EU Court's decision. So what changes does this mean for businesses working with KYC, PEP or sanction screenings? Join this session to better understand the ruling and get insight to what is needed to ensure compliance with GDPR and the new EU regulation.

With: Christian Visti Larsen

11:55 -
Closing Remarks

12:00 - 13:00

Networking Lunch

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

13:00 - 14:30

Combating the Dark Side of Fintech

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Blockchain-based investigations can visualise criminal activity in an unpresidential efficient way. Combining on- and off-chain transactions with novel cooperation methods and the upcoming new MICA regulation opens up unique opportunities to enhance cooperation within the ecosystem - but only if executed correctly.

13:00 -
Opening Keynote

Challenge created change. Since the 24th of February 2022, the Financial Crime Fighter ecosystem has been stress tested with novel challenges or ways to bypass sanctions daily. Due to the manual nature of the work of investigators, this ecosystem is not based on machines. It is based on individuals and organizations that have kept it running. We will point out a new way how individuals and organizations started to work together as well as welcome participants to the panel, which focuses on the road ahead of us.

With: Michal Gromek

13:05 -
Russia is the world's most sanctioned nation- two leading sanctions professionals look at what is to come in 2023

Russia is the World's most sanctioned nation. There have been a significant number of circumvention attempts. Russia and India's export volumes grew by nearly 200% since the start of the war. Two leading sanctions professionals will provide their personal reflections on what is to come in 2023 and if authorities have to passively watch sanctions circumventions that are profiting off EU country's costly decisions.

With: Ruta BajarunaiteChe Sidanius

13:25 -
Tracking Suspects on the Blockchain: Overcoming Interoperability Challenges

Following the crumbs. There is a general misperception by members of the traditional financial industry that Cryptocurrency transactions can not be tracked or frozen, but this is no longer true. There now are many commercial software providers of solutions for investigations, but issues with interoperability between different providers remain. Members of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, G7 Research Director will provide their reflections on where the problem might be, and why it is significant and members of the industry will provide their ideas of what and how can be done to address it.

With: Denisse RudichMagnus KarlssonSven MartinssonSviatoslav Dubovskyi

14:05 -
Why the police closed a blockchain investigation case where funds could have been recovered.

The case lawyer meets the Blockchain base investigator. A customer is getting defrauded for millions of SEK, bringing the case to law enforcement. Blockchain analytics indicates that a significant part of the funds can be stopped, seized, and recovered. However, the case was closed nearly immediately. Even though this is only one case, it is important to deconstruct the issues here step by step, to examine the room for improvement or how such cases could be handled in the future.

With: Michal GromekJohan Ragnar

14:25 -
Closing words

14:30 - 16:00

Ecosystem Banking

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Mambu

The financial landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, powered by emerging digital technologies. Embracing ecosystem business models will drive growth and generate value for financial institutions and beyond. With the pace of change in the industry now being unprecedented and accelerating even more every year, is there a need to design and orchestrate your own ecosystems?

14:30 -
Introduction to the track
14:35 -
Catalyzing Transformation and Innovation in Ecosystem Banking

The banking industry has been undergoing a rapid transformation and challenging metamorphosis in the last decade with banks transforming traditional models into digital ecosystems and adopting different business models with offerings beyond financial services. The acceleration and reach of recent General-purpose technologies (GPTs) such as OpenAI, Edge and Quantum Computing, Datafication, Internet of Behaviours, Genomics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) and resulting market behaviours is putting pressure on ecosystem-driven business models and of those leading them.

With: Bruno Macedo

14:55 -
Applying ecosystem thinking to business models to transform and innovate

Globally, banks vary widely in their approach to digital ecosystems, underpinned by open application programming interfaces (APIs). Successful participation in these diverse digital banking ecosystems delivers more value to customers and is redefining banking. How to embrace this change and stay ahead of the curve?

With: Einar EidssonNick DrewettMiguel AmaroMimi BillingKunal Galav

15:35 -
15:55 -
Closing Remarks

15:00 - 15:55

Following the crumbs 2.0

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Closed breakout session. Follow the Crumbs 2.0 - A continuation of the post-panel discussion with members of the global blockchain analytics community, financial crime fighters, and experts from the Digital Asset Task Force from the Global Coalition To Fight Financial Crime - to foster potential next steps - led by Oleksyi Feshschenko from the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime

15:30 - 18:00

Nordic Investor Day: Fintech

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with TheFactory.noInvest Stockholm

[Invite-only] If you are an investor and would like to join, please submit a request for invitation here.

TheFactory, Invest Stockholm and Sthlm Fintech Week, together with national hub partners Reykjavik Fintech Cluster, Copenhagen Fintech and Helsinki Fintech Farm, are organising the Nordic Investor Day: Fintech and Fintech with Impact as a part of the Sthlm Fintech Week Program. The investor day will be on February 15th and we would like to invite you to join us!

The mission of the event is to connect startups and investors interested in fintech across the borders of the Nordics. In this arena, startups and investors from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway come together to learn of the newest innovations within Fintech and Fintech with Impact, meet people with similar interest and gain potential synergies within and across its own market.

Investors are invited to an Investors Reception by DLA Piper, following the event.

16:00 - 17:30

Paytech – Cross-border & Real-time

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Visa

International payments have been instrumental in the emergence of today’s global economy. Countless real-time rails are coming to light, including the likes of TIPS in Europe, Pix in Brazil, and FedNow in the US. But support is still patchy and consumer protection varies wildly by jurisdiction, limiting adoption and economic potential. This is both a challenge and opportunity for the Payment Industry. An alternative avenue to modernise delivery of cross-border payment services in the context of central banks is issuing their own digital currency. Could CBDCs improve cross-border payments? And what role does the ecosystem play in the CBDC?

16:00 -
Introduction by track lead
16:05 -
Future of Money Movement – Solving challenges in cross-border payments

In our globalized world cross-border payments continue to evolve and stay relevant. What pains are users experiencing in this space? How can these be addressed and what developments can we see?

With: Linus Olofsson

16:25 -
Central Bank Digital Currency - The role of the Ecosystem

Central banks around the world are getting involved in digital currencies with 105 countries currently exploring centralized digital currencies. Currently, the majority of countries are in the research stage. What is the role of the eurosystem and private market participants in the CBDC? How do we envisage CBDC fit into the existing payment ecosystem?

With: Ted ScheimanBeju ShahAnna BlyablinaSofia Lindh PossneJohan Schmalholz

17:00 -
Facilitating instant payments at scale and across borders

New rails are now being mandated for instant payments around the world. In fact, in the autumn of 2022, the European Commission published its draft EU law to regulate instant payment (IP) services. The race for instant payments heats up around the world. How will Financial institutions be ready to embrace the new era of payments, which are seamless, interoperable and instant?

With: Anders OlofssonAndreas SchnebleBenjamin WoodcockAndrew EdemLars Sjögren

17:30 -
Closing Remarks

17:30 - 19:00

Wednesday Mingle & Drinks

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Sigma Software

The official Wednesday after work, sponsored by Sigma Software. This is the perfect time to mingle and network with a beer in your hand after a day of incredible talks!

18:00 - 20:00

Networking meet up by Sigma Software Group

TAK restaurant, Brunkebergstorg 2-4, 111 51 Stockholm

Key words Web 3.0, Blockchain, CBDC are in your area of interests? Join Sigma Software Group networking meet up. You will spend time with company experts. When networking you may talk to us about:

  • CDBC: the perfect CBDC setup for the country; technology peculiarities, pros and cons of different approaches; adoption “icebergs” and how to avoid them
  • Web3 digital identity
  • Blockchain use cases across the industries

Let the networking be efficient and interesting. Registration required! Please use the link -

18:30 - 20:00

Meetup - Bitcoin Ordinals, NFTs & other Web3 artifacts – Now, next, beyond!

EY office, Hamngatan 26

Let’s meet! Talk, share & learn Web3 in practice! Degens to beginners. Everyone is welcome :) In 2021 the NFT hype started with art and pfp’s (profile pictures) being the catalyst. Right now THE hot topic within the Web3 landscape is Ordinals – NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain!

We will dig into the pros and cons of the Ordinals protocol and how to address and navigate this new ecosystem. Could Bitcoin Ordinals become a safe storage for high value assets, or are we facing a new hype? In addition, one of the true degens and founder of the project, Dolphi will share with us his hands on experience with the Ordinals ecosystem, but also his phygital initiatives where he combines physical and digital elements of bringing NFTs into clothing and wearables. We will showcase this in practice with lots of cool gadgets. Feel free to join us, just around the corner and a 2 min walk from the Sthlm Fintech Week event, at the EY office, Hamngatan 26.

Doors will open 1815 with snack and drinks, and we will start 1830 and finish of around 2000. We will also have room for Q&A and mingling.

Hope to see you there! Register here:

Let’s build together!


Thursday Feb 16th

09:00 - 17:00

Breakout Sessions

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

As a community-driven event, these are 3rd party organized events, held at the Sthlm Fintech Week venue.

09:15 -

The seminar is focused on Open Finance development in Latin America. At the moment, digital transformation in Latin America is growing on a high pace, and Brazil is leading. Anders Norinder, Business Sweden Brazil, together with Mr Thomaz Padua, Corporate Banker at Banco Bradesco, leading Brazilian bank, will discuss growing opportunities for Swedish Fintech companies on the market. We believe participation in the Stockholm Fintech Week and the seminar will help you get valuable insights for the future growth of your company. Read more here: <> Sign up here: <> Organized by Business Sweden & Bradesco

10:00 -
Froda, and Lunar - Product Announcement

11:00 -
Credit as a service: is this the next payments disruptor?

Closed Panel Discussion: Credit as a Service – is this the next payments disruptor? Sign up to join a closed panel discussion between Enfuce, Nordiska, Froda and Sileon, hosted by Visa where they will discuss what CaaS can mean to small businesses, lenders and the Fintech community. The power in partnering up, what makes it work (and fail). Sign up here: [ ](

13:00 -
The do's and dont's of stock based incentive programs - Workshop & Round table experience sharing lead by Optio

Empower your company to motivate key employees and maximize the potential of your stock-based incentive programs with Optio - the leading provider of services and technology for launching, administering, IFRS-reporting, and valuing equity programs. Join our workshop and round-table discussion to learn about the dos and don'ts, smart program design elements, common pitfalls, and how to effectively motivate key employees with equity incentives. The discussion will provide a platform to share experiences, discuss challenges, and learn from others in the field.

15:00 -
Exploring the Future of the Decentralized Web: A Roundtable on the Latest Developments and Opportunities in Web3

NFTs are taking the art, collectibles, and gaming worlds by storm with their innovative, decentralized approach to ownership. But as the NFT market heats up, challenges are emerging that threaten the very foundation of this revolution, such as issues with legal enforcement, excessive costs of maintenance or increasing number of assets hacked. Can NFTs overcome these obstacles and establish themselves as the new standard for digital assets in the long term? Or will they stumble and become a footnote in the annals of technological experimentation? The answer is far from clear, but join us for a session to get one step closer. One thing is sure, for those seeking to be at the forefront of digital innovation and investment, the NFT space is a must-watch arena.

16:00 -
Kassai Law- Will NFTs stand the test of time?

NFTs are taking the art, collectibles, and gaming worlds by storm with their innovative, decentralized approach to ownership. But as the NFT market heats up, challenges are emerging that threaten the very foundation of this revolution, such as issues with legal enforcement, excessive costs of maintenance or increasing number of assets hacked. Can NFTs overcome these obstacles and establish themselves as the new standard for digital assets in the long term? Or will they stumble and become a footnote in the annals of technological experimentation? The answer is far from clear, but join us for a session to get one step closer. One thing is sure, for those seeking to be at the forefront of digital innovation and investment, the NFT space is a must-watch arena.

With: Karola Xenia Kassai

09:00 - 10:30

Lending and Embedded Finance

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Mastercard LighthouseEnfuce

There are so many new options available to companies looking to build payments, insurance, or even completely new financial services into their product. Discussion will look at key strategies for embedding finance into their product, such as Payment-as-a-Service, API integrations and more. There will also be exploration into peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and discussion on how to develop a successful buy now, pay later (BNPL) strategy, from which products to offer to where to start. This track will provide the essential information to help attendees make informed decisions when it comes to embedded finance and lending.

09:00 -
Welcome and Opening of Day 2
09:05 -
Where lies the biggest opportunity in embedded payments?
09:15 -
How to succeed in building payments and other financial services into your product?

This panel discussion will focus on how to incorporate payments and other financial services into product offerings. Panelists will discuss the importance of understanding consumer needs and preferences when building financial products. The conversation will also touch on how data and analytics can provide insight to improve the customer experience and ensure product success. Finally, the panelists will discuss best practices for creating secure and compliant products that meet regulatory standards.

With: Stig JohanssonIida LähdemäkiAndreas BjerkePasi Ilola

09:45 -
How to build an unconventional lending experience by looking at what teenagers do?
09:53 -
Every company should have their BNPL strategy - but how and where to start?

This panel discussion will focus on the topic of whether or "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) strategies should be implemented by companies and, if so, how and where to start. The panelists will share their perspectives on the potential advantages and risks associated with BNPL strategies, discuss best practices for implementing such strategies, and describe how these strategies have been successful (or not) in their own organizations. The panel will also explore the impact of BNPL strategies on customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as the importance of understanding customer needs when planning BNPL strategies. Finally, the panel will discuss the importance of data-driven decision-making and how companies can use analytics to inform their BNPL strategies.

With: Harry BrunowDavid LarssonStig JohanssonHubert de LindeSebnem Erener

10:23 -
Closing Remarks

10:20 - 10:30

Product Launch - Card based embedded lending

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Visa, Froda and Lunar present a new product within embedded lending targeting the SME segment.

10:30 - 12:00

Open Banking & Open Finance

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Sopra Banking Software

The field of open banking is rapidly evolving, with many challenges, opportunities and implications from this disruptive technology. Panellists will discuss the challenges of data sharing in the open banking space and how to overcome them, including real-life examples of how companies are leveraging open banking to create new opportunities. However, there are challenges in the field too. Discussion will look at issues such as security and compliance, as well as the potential regulatory and legal implications. We want to take a forward looking view and discuss the potential for traditional financial institutions to leverage the benefits of DeFi, and how this could revolutionize the industry.

10:30 -
Introduction to the track
10:35 -
How to navigate the evolving Open Banking space?

Open Banking continues to be a relevant and highly discussed topic globally, with no signs of slowing down. With the rise of Open Finance and Open Data, an increasing amount of data will become accessible to the economy. The focus is shifting from mere compliance to competition and innovation. Our keynote speech will offer valuable perspectives, cover important principles, predict future developments, and showcase how the banking sector is undergoing a radical change in the API-based economy.

With: Jan Willem Stoffer

10:45 -
Data sharing in open banking and beyond

The panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of data sharing within the field of open banking

With: Anzhelika OsmanovaSarah HägerGunnar BergerLana BrandorneYann Metz-Pasquier

11:15 -
Case Study: How Visma Dinero automates accounting processes with open banking from Mastercard

The field of open banking is rapidly evolving, with opportunities for prosperous fintech solutions, banks and payment services. With many accounting platforms still relying on outdated ways of importing data into their systems, such as uploading documents or bank statements manually, we’ll dive into an interesting fireside between Mastercard and the accounting solution platform, Visma Dinero. The fireside showcases a real-life example of how open banking payments and data is implemented to simplify and automate processes for more than 80.000 SMB’s leveraging Visma Dinero in the Nordics. \- Moving from manual to automated: How has open banking data and PSD2 re-invented the way businesses handle reconciliation? \- Removing hassle from invoicing: How is open banking payments ensuring that businesses get paid on time? \- The numbers: What did the partnership between Mastercard and Visma Dinero succeed with? \- The future: What lies ahead for Visma Dinero in further leveraging open banking data and payments to become a full virtual CFO?

With: Tanya SlavovaLennart Højgaard Kristensen

11:30 -
Path to Open Finance: Connecting traditional finance with DeFi
11:59 -
Closing Remarks

12:00 - 13:00

Networking Lunch

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

13:00 - 14:30

Web3 – What is it now, and forward?

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Web3 - the buzzword everyone keeps using, but rarely anyone understands. Incorporating technologies like peer-to-peer networks, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, Web3 has the capability to create huge changes in the Fintech landscape, innovating traditional institutions like banks and corporations. To discuss all opportunities, the track will have panels focusing on the metaverse, NFTs and the future of work, and the possibility of decentralised social media.

13:00 -
Introduction to the track
13:05 -
Money for Web3

Listen in to understand the exciting developments being made in bringing Web3 to the mainstream economy. In this talk, Sveinn from Monerium will show how you can transfer the euro to a blockchain wallet in 30 seconds (and back).

With: Sveinn Valfells

13:15 -
NFTs and their Possibilities

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion on NFTs and their possibilities. Our expert panelists will delve into the realistic applications of NFTs in various topics, and offer their insights on what we can expect from this technology in the near future. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and get a deeper understanding of the potential of NFTs.

With: Mahiar AfroozVahid ToosiKarola Xenia KassaiYared Afework

13:35 -
Future of work in web3

Join us for a timely and relevant discussion on the future of work in the web3 world. Our panel of experts will explore the unique work values present in web3, including high levels of remote work, anonymous identities, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). They will delve into the question of what efficient work policies and organizational structures look like in this context, and discuss whether we can expect this culture to remain in place for the long term. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and perspective on the evolving world of web3 work.

With: Ville SointuMark LeeAnna GrafHanna Raftell

13:55 -
Freely transferrable digital assets

NFTs is a good idea but it has several shortcomings. When owning a NFT you don’t own a unique artwork or, for example, a signed document containing a loan agreement, you own a unique token pointing to something. What if you could own the real thing? Imagine owning a unique digital artwork. You can store it wherever you wish, you can prove that you are in possession of the original, you can create copies of the original and you can sell the original to anyone - instantly.

With: Göran Almgren

14:05 -
How to enter the Metaverse!

Metaverse is a hot topic, and several of the world’s largest brands are moving into virtual worlds. Still, many are struggling to understand how to enter the landscape and why? EY has assisted leading stakeholders on entering the Metaverse and the Web3 sphere, including governments where among others they assisted Norwegian Tax Authorities and the Registry Office on a world’s first project. Hear more about this and in addition Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead, will share some of EY’s key takeaways from their own experience of being present with a virtual office in Metaverse and combining Extended Reality, AI and Blockchain in practice. Join in for Metaverse; Why, How, Dos & Don’ts!

With: Magnus Jones

14:20 -
Closing remarks

14:30 - 15:30

Startup Pitch Battle

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

14:30 -
14:35 -

The first neobank in Japan, elevating the life of Japan's foreign residents through easier access to daily banking and financial services.

With: Raul Allikivi

14:41 -

Vopy’s cloud-based B2B2C solutions enable any company to offer plug-and-play-ready financial services.

With: Sven Hattenhauer

14:47 -

goscore is a first cross-border credit scoring company. We allow you to live anywhere you want and bring your financial history with you.

With: Anastasiya Lebedz

14:53 -

Investor relations, fundraising and portfolio management made easy — with the help of AI tools!

With: Daniel White

14:59 -

Sparly is a plattform to connect banks and companies with young adults interested in improving their financial skills.

With: Jazgul Ismailova

15:05 -

Maximize the use of your (tabular) data value through synthesizing without any compliance risks.

With: Hannes Sjöblad

15:11 -

We enable all households to subscribe to renewable technology - think Klarna but for renewables

With: Peder Broms

15:17 -
Kudos Labs

Creating a "Revolut meets Amex" for gamers in their gaming habitats such as Discord, Twitch and more.

With: Fidan Gutaj

15:23 -
Magic Refunds

An instant refunds platform that provides a refund first, ship later experience for your e-commerce purchases

With: Leroy Kerry

15:30 - 17:00

Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Invest StockholmDeloitte

The Impact Track at an event focuses on how fintech can enable action towards sustainable development goal 13, climate action. The track is divided into two parts, the first focusing on creating awareness and changed behavior among consumers and employees to be more climate positive. The second part looks at local climate action and how fintechs are developing solutions for a more transparent and inclusive voluntary carbon market.

The track will also feature startups pitching their climate action oriented solutions and is lead by Anders Norlin, who has a background in non-profit groups and high impact startups in venture capital, currently working on financial industry innovation programs with a focus on climate fintech.

15:30 -
Introduction to the track

Anders Norlin will introduce how the track will focus on SDG 13 –climate action: how can impact fintech enable climate action.

With: Anders Norlin

15:35 -
Creating awareness for impact behaviour

This keynote will focus on the findings on how to create consumers’ awareness, and then channel this awareness into a change in behavior for climate positive decisions

With: Stina Söderqvist

15:45 -
Impact Startup Pitch - GoKind
15:50 -
Panel discussion on creating awareness for impact behaviour

A panel of bank representatives together with impact fintechs that will discuss how they create awareness in their customer base to leverage changed behavior to be more climate positive.

With: Jelena ZecKatarina Wangler BjörkDaniel DellhamKonstantin LezhninAjla Talovic

16:10 -
Insights on Carbon Offsetting and the Voluntary Carbon Market

Initiatives have exploded allowing consumers and businesses alike to take part in local climate action, very often via the voluntary carbon market (VCM), involving carbon credits. An introduction keynote will explain how this market has evolved, what is ahead, and its current flaws.

With: Helena Nordstrom

16:25 -
Impact Startup Pitch - Nobon
16:30 -
Panel discussion on the voluntary carbon market.

A panel, of climate fintechs and experts, will then discuss how an increasing number of fintechs have developed solutions for a more transparent, and verifiable VCM. And how their solutions enable more inclusive, and cost-effective markets, that will act as good role models – all for a more hopeful future.

With: Indrek KaldojaHelena NordstromRishabh KhannaLisett Luik

16:55 -
Fireside chat on ESG and Impact investing

Recent research findings on where investments do most impact: in 'greening' dirty companies, or more focus on green companies?

With: Jenny BerthlingJan Starmans

17:30 - 20:00

Official After Party

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A

Co-Organized with Amazon Web ServicesMambuEnfuce


Friday Feb 17th

12:00 - 15:30

Student Fintech Career Fair

Proviant Albano, Albanovägen 24, 114 19 Stockholm

Come to the Fintech Career Fair, hosted by Stockholm University! This is the perfect opportunity to advertise to the youngest talent in the Stockholm Fintech Ecosystem. Get in touch with the Föreningen Ekonomerna for prices and more information.