Adrian Korczyński is a Cyber-Security Professional with 15 years of experience. Started as a developer, he designed and created systems for encryption, identity management, authentication and privileged session management. Throughout the years he successfully delivered solutions for banking, telecommunications, public and healthcare sectors. His fields of expertise cover software, hardware, IT-architecture, networking and management. He has been promoted numerous times, today he is a director of Business Unit, dedicated to delivering cyber security solutions and services across the globe.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: Trust in the age of Digital Transformation

10/02/2021 / 14:50 - 15:25

The focus of the “Trust in the Age of Digital Transformation” panel discussion is on how the increase in data traffic led to the rise of the trusted digital ID. The panelists would share their vision on the meaning of trust in the age of digital transformation and also touch base it from the cloud security prospective.