With a background in sales and marketing I started my crypto journey back in early 2013 by
trading my first Bitcoin. The year after that I ran the first ever techno event in Sweden that
utilized Bitcoin for payments. The same year I co-created the first Bitcoin political party in
Sweden (“The Bitcoin Party”).

Since then I’ve been organizing events regularly while consulting within sales and growth
hacking alongside being on the board of 4 companies as an advisory.

Late 2017 I started working part time on the biggest Bitcoin Exchange in Sweden (BTCX) and
quickly advanced to Head of B2C / B2B Relations. As a Web3 enthusiast I’ve not only been looking for real world application when it comes to my crypto investments but also when it comes to the companies and DAOs I work for.
This made it easy for me to join anotherblock as Head of Community & Growth. The mission of
anotherblock is to make music catalog investments easy by using NFT fractionalized ownership
by paying out streaming rights revenue of famous songs to the NFT holders.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: NFTs, a universal representation of digital property in the Metaverse.

21/04/2022 / 15:30 - 16:10

NFTs started as digital collectibles and quickly became a fundamental building block in web3. It is now evolving to have more utility cases in various industries, such as gaming, entertainment, music and fashion. NFT innovation is leading the adoption in web3.