COO and Co-founder of Hiotlabs. Hiotlabs is a company dedicated to significantly decrease the risk, cost and social impact of property damages through use of technology. Hiotlabs unique approach leverage sensor data, image recognition and data analysis to provide households with timely recommendations.

Andreas has an extensive background of leading and driving change in the IT- and telecom sector. Prior to Hiotlabs Andreas worked with strategy development and strategic initiatives in Global Operations at Ericsson HQ. Andreas has a MSc. in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers university

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: Cooperation models Insurtech - Incumbents, do we have finally a holy grail? - best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents, learning and examples.

11/02/2020 / 11:00 - 11:20

Cooperation between big and small is a subject that comes back with every industry conference and still seems to be unanswered as it has been selected by readers of Sak & Liv in the online questionnaire to be discussed during the closing panel of Insurtech Track.The goal is to present best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents into successful partnerships, display the learnings from the process and showcase examples with ready-to-implement pieces of advice.