A fintech and impactech profile, Angelica is shifting the way we deploy capital and investments in the financial markets. Angelica is driving Innorbis – a new standard business intelligence for business capital evaluation, risk price assessment integration of environmental, social, human, natural and financial value.
Angelica is accelerating the world’s digital transition in sustainable finance.

Angelica is a former VP CEEMEA Head at Citibank, Director at SEB and RCI Banque and today, apart from driving INNORBIS and Chair at ALDC Partnership, she is also a Board Member at Skandinaviska KreditFonden with long experience in the markets.

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The new standard in how we deploy, assess and price capital in the global financial markets

13/02/2020 / 15:50 - 16:00

The future factors of the financial sector unleashed.
The investment and asset value has changed. There are externalities and material factors that counts and predicts the future business winners in the market . With a high technological platform and business analytics, INNORBIS deploys data information and in an business intelligence predicts the risks and opportunities of an investment, of AuM, in the hedge funds and in the credit markets.Not only the ticket price, cash flow or debt structure is adding up to the exponential market change we see in 2020.