Entrepreneur, creator and coder. Launched the neo bank Astat in Norway. After 13 years working as a technical consultant, architect and software developer in London on behalf of big brands such as The Premier League, UFC, Shell and NatWest, Axel moved to Norway to start up the bank Challenger – Astat. Having raised almost €1m in under two years Astat launched in the market in November 2021 and now has a growing customer base of Freelancers and creators.

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Panel Discussion: How adopting an ecosystem approach can enable FI to capture additional market value?

21/04/2022 / 13:45 - 14:25

Growing your business alone in today’s rapidly changing, tech-filled environment can be tough. Especially in the world of ecosystems, where success is no longer defined by traditional success factors, instead, it is focused on how are the vision and business strategy in line with the new ecosystem development?