Bendik Schei is a Crypto Analyst at the Norwegian investment company, Arcane Crypto. He is also a regular contributor to With an MSc in Finance and Investment from Copenhagen Business School, he completed his master’s thesis on the lead-lag relationships in the bitcoin market. His main focus is on quantitative aspects of the crypto market, with a weekly market update and more in-depth research on specific topics, mostly bitcoin-related. He also has past experiences with banking and management consulting, including internships at DNB and KPMG.

At Sthlm Fintech Week, Bendik will speak about Bitcoin Valuation.

Appears in:

Keynote: Bitcoin Valuation

12/02/2020 / 16:00 - 16:25

Bitcoin is well known for its incredible price increase over the last decade, making it the best performing asset since its inception. But what is bitcoin? And how can we put a value on this new and mysterious asset? This presentation will take you through some of the most popular methods, which methods that don’t work, and what really matters for the value going into a new decade.