Dora is a tech lawyer, working as the Nordic Assignee at KassaiLaw, a Stockholm-based virtual law firm advising the newest technologies with an innovative entrepreneurial mindset and a cross-border approach. Throughout the years, she has been advising the most innovative tech startups on diverse legal and business matters, and ever since the start of her career, she has been passionate about fintech. By helping fintechs navigate the various mazes of regulatory compliance across the EU, Dora has experienced the challenges of these regulations from multiple vantage points.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: Taking actions to limit Russia! What tools, technology, methods can we use in order to spot, evaluate and stop evasion of restrictions?

19/04/2022 / 16:45 - 17:30

Sanction evasion is more than just technology, and names on sanctions lists that financial institutions block. Sanctioned parties are now using complex methods that often make headlines. At the same time, our toolkit to reign them in is growing. With increasing knowledge, data sources, and monitoring possibilities, we will discuss new strategies to spot potential evasion in practice and reduce the risk of facilitating such transactions.