Erik Bennerhult is the CEO and co-founder of Näktergal. He has a proven track record in building cutting-edge banking systems, and his 20 years in the industry with different banks give him a unique understanding of the lending landscape. Founded in 2015, Näktergal enables banks to scale, boost efficiency and enter new markets – basically making lending more straightforward and accessible to consumers and more intuitive for bankers. Its products include a business lending platform, a mortgage lending platform, a consumer lending platform and deposits.

Erik has a proven record in building cutting-edge banking systems, digitalisation and lending. He was part of building the first online bank for mortgages in the 90s, which was rolled out in five countries over two years. Previously, CIO at Avida hew has built banking systems handling billions of Euros. Now, together with Näktergal, he is propelling mortgages to infinity and beyond.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: The future of mortgage

20/04/2022 / 15:50 - 16:30

Towards digital – Mortgages have always been a profitable for banks and lenders: as such, investments towards customer experience beyond a fancy landing page have not been prioritised. But the tide is turning with growing consumer utilisation of digital modes of interaction, improving mortgage customer journeys, and increasing engagement through technology have become a priority.