Stanford Alumni and creative concept entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience as an agency leader and marketing strategy consultant. A track record of successful digital/e-commerce growth.

Göran Broberg is founder of Easy Peasy Insurance. Easy Peasy Insurance has developed a brand new form of insurance. One where you can buy insurance instantly, cover only what you want and at your convenience. You choose for how long you want to be insured, the amount you need and you pay direct there and then through your phone. Easy peasy.
Easy Peasy Insurance want to create an Easy Peasy right now insured life for as many people as possible. When they want it, how they want it. We are here to change the way you use and buy insurance and turn a chore into a service.

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Panel Discussion: Cooperation models Insurtech - Incumbents, do we have finally a holy grail? - best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents, learning and examples.

11/02/2020 / 11:00 - 11:20

Cooperation between big and small is a subject that comes back with every industry conference and still seems to be unanswered as it has been selected by readers of Sak & Liv in the online questionnaire to be discussed during the closing panel of Insurtech Track.The goal is to present best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents into successful partnerships, display the learnings from the process and showcase examples with ready-to-implement pieces of advice.