Henrik Allert is Vice President, Industry & Product Strategy at Itello, an Insurtech B2B-company providing core business systems and digital solutions for the pension and life insurance industry in Europe. The insurance industry is undergoing dramatic transformation driven by new consumer expectations, a rapidly changing industry ecosystem and technological advancements powered by cloud technology enabling data-driven business models. Working strategically with Itello’s customers in combination with leading analyst firms like Gartner, Henrik has a deep understanding of the swiftly changing insurance landscape both from a market and technology perspective.

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Panel Discussion: Ingredients of a successful AI implementation - best practices as well as learnings from past challenges

09/02/2021 / 15:00 - 15:40

The urgency to implement Blockchain and AI has been raised in uncountable industry conferences. In this panel, the question is not ‘if’ or
‘when’ but ‘how’ to lead an AI implementation project. Group Head of AI Strategy & Acceleration of a large bank, VP Industry of Product and Strategy of a provider that helps Incumbents modernise their backends and two CEOs of Insurtech that either implemented AI or are on the way to do so, will exchange their learnings.

Sharing best practices and avoiding challenges before they occur have always been at the DNA of Sthlm Fintech Week. In this panel, we would like to reflect if there is a holy grail on best practices in AI implementation of incumbents, technology providers or Insurtech companies.