Ivana is an Entrepreneur building the next wave of tech at Antler.co.
Antler is a VC company that enables the world’s most brilliant and determined people to become great founders of great tech companies.

Ivana have 10 years of experience from the Insurance Industry and before she joined Antler she worked as Project Lead and Business Developer at one of the world’s biggest insurance companies, Zurich Insurance. At Zurich Insurance she built Zurich Nordics first digital motor insurance from idea to a operating business within 1 year. The platform implemented is easy to use, self-service platform with switch on/off capabilities, no end date and fully digital communication.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: The Swedish disruption dilemma: Insurtech and Direct Insurers.

11/02/2020 / 09:50 - 10:20

The path for innovation is covered with wicked challenges from identifying which customers to target, to how to cooperate with established incumbents. In reference and memoriam to the work of the innovation guru Clayton Christensen, this panel aims to identify the signals of change in the insurtech industry, map the competitive head-to-head battles between startups and incumbents, and explore the strategic decisions that Sweden could take to increase the ultimate chances of insurtech success.