CEO and Partner of ZignSec with over 15 years experience of international business and technology working with companies like Google, Oracle, IKEA and many more. Jonas is a entrepreneur with a passion for digital identities and smooth user experiences, awesome onboarding and automated KYC-procedures.

Since four years back Jonas Ingelström is following his dream of solving one of the most underdeveloped areas of Internet – strong identity verification. Strong identities are the foundation of so many services in our everyday life. Is not until identities are digital and can easily be verified online that companies can start building really great services.

Appears in:

The Road to IPO

13/02/2020 / 14:55 - 15:05

Fireside chat - Challenges of identifying your customer

10/02/2020 / 17:15 - 17:30

Five most frequent mistakes of Fintechts, Regtech and Insurtech companies while performing Identification, Authentication or Verification of their clients and how to avoid them.