Kristin Lindmark is CIO of SPP, one of the leading companies in the occupational pension market in Sweden. In the last three years, SPP has rapidly moved to a company being a digital frontrunner in the life-and pension industry. In December 2019 SPP was awarded the Digital Project of the Year at the CIO Awards.

Kristin is a tech passionista with 20 years of experience in technology and focus within Financial services area from Accenture, If and Storebrand/SPP.

Appears in:

Fire Side Chat: Closing the Gaps in the Regional Insurtech Ecosystem - Three Factors That Determine Which Role You Will Play In The Industry

11/02/2020 / 10:45 - 11:00

Panel Discussion: Cooperation models Insurtech - Incumbents, do we have finally a holy grail? - best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents, learning and examples.

11/02/2020 / 11:00 - 11:20

Cooperation between big and small is a subject that comes back with every industry conference and still seems to be unanswered as it has been selected by readers of Sak & Liv in the online questionnaire to be discussed during the closing panel of Insurtech Track.The goal is to present best practices of connecting Insurtech companies with Incumbents into successful partnerships, display the learnings from the process and showcase examples with ready-to-implement pieces of advice.