I bring vision, strategy, values and commitment to businesses focused on market transformation. I believe that a company can inspire individuals to start doing things differently by making smart technologies available for them. When many people start doing things differently, you slowly create behavioral change and new consumer patterns. This is where innovation begins, and market transformation takes place. This is where I see new opportunities being born, ready to be explored.

Wedevia brings transparency to the insurance industry through our services Insurodata and Insuroguide. We Provide insurance companies as well as end customers the transparent information needed for making smart and fact based decisions regarding their insurances. We believe transparency is a key force driving transformation in insurance.

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Keynote: Launch of Insuroguide a sophisticated ‘Trivago’ for Nordic Insurance- to compare insurance by coverage, features and not only price.

11/02/2020 / 09:30 - 09:50