Michal Gromek made it his mission to help solve challenges created by financial technology, which is developing faster than our legal system could evolve. In his capacity as Chief Compliance Officer of Safello, together with the team he protects, warns, and educates 250,000+ customers from the dark side while engaging with regulators and legislators to clarify regulatory frameworks and reporting obligations.

He initiated and coordinates the Working Group on Digital Assets & Blockchain from the Swedish Fintech Association, and leads the global Digital Asset Task Force of the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime (that features such members as: Interpol, World Economic Forum etc.), and contributes which can become public to Forbes Europe in Fintech, Crypto and Blockchain.

Lately, he co-launched and lectured a new DeFi component for MBA studies at the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education programme to demystify this space for executives.

Appears in:

Introduction to the session

19/04/2022 / 15:30 - 15:35

Keynote: How do we stop Russian sanction evasions on the Blockchain? A short guide to what can and can not be done in Blockchain analytics, using the learnings from past sanction evasions strategies.

19/04/2022 / 16:05 - 16:35

Sanctions can be imposed on individuals, companies, or institutions, and lately, on the Blockchain. In the Keynote, we will divide the discussion into investigations on the Blockchain and review an in-depth list of different types of sanctions that can or can not be enforced. We will also discuss how Fintech companies should implement these measures.

Wrap up

19/04/2022 / 17:55 - 18:00