Raja is an ex-corporate from the private banking industry in Switzerland, turned passionate entrepreneur, startup advisor and angel investor after she moved to Norway in 2015.
Since then she has been helping 1000s of entrepreneurs via several initiatives she launched, one of her most known ones is the launch and management of thehub.io in Norway, growing the platform to over 1200 startups.

In 2019, she joins TheFactory, as Head of Fintech, bringing together her knowledge from the finance industry and her expertise in entrepreneurship together.
TheFactory is the oslo based Fintech and Proptech accelerator program, recently awarded best accelerator program in the Nordics.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: What's hot in fintech? - The investor perspective

13/02/2020 / 13:00 - 13:40

Fintech innovators are driving a lot of success in Nordics. After all, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic FinTech companies have together raised over $2.7bn since 2014, according to FinTech Global data. Sweden has picked up over 79.1% of that investment, followed by Denmark, which attracted 10.3%. Finnish FinTech firms raised 5.7%, Norwegian ones 3.9% and Icelandic enterprises 1%. What is the secret?