Richard is the Regtech leader in the Nordics and one of the founders of the Nordic RegTech Association (NRTA), where he’s now the Chairman and Managing Director. Since 2019 Richard has been the Regtech Track Lead for the Sthlm Fintech Week and he is a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at Regtech and Fintech events globally. Richard is currently working at the Swedish Regtech start-up Acuminor who focuses on Financial Crime data intelligence. He’s also co-founder of the Regtech start-up Compliance as a Service Ltd in the UK.

Appears in:

Introduction to the session

20/04/2022 / 09:15 - 09:20

Fireside Chat: Information security efforts doesn’t have to be complicated, however, they should always be relevant

20/04/2022 / 10:10 - 10:25

Continuous growth in the regulatory landscape, is it a hype? No, of course not. If our riskmanagement were effective, we would avoid incidents with negative impact on the financial system. In other words, we are all part of defining the need of regulations by underestimating or neglecting efforts needed.

Fireside Chat: KYC in a Decentralized World

20/04/2022 / 11:05 - 11:25

In a world where KYC compliance costs and complexity are increasing, using blockchain technology can make KYC processes faster, more cost-effective and safer. norbloc is on a worldwide mission to solve KYC problems using blockchain technology for financial institutions and banks. We will discuss with Astyanax Kanankakis, CEO and co-founder at norbloc, the progress on that quest as well as how KYC is changing in an ever more distributed world.

Wrap up

20/04/2022 / 11:50 - 11:55