Roland Palmer is Head Alipay for North-West Europe
(UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland).

Roland and his team are currently focused on Alipay cross-border business, working with financial partners across the region to enable merchants to tap into the opportunity provided by the growth of Chinese travellers to Europe.

Roland joined Alibaba in March 2016 as Managing Director for Alibaba Benelux, where he was responsible for all Alibaba Business Units across the three markets. From 2017 to 2018 Roland set up and led the Europe business for the Tmall Direct Import business, helping brands and merchants across Europe sell their products to Alibaba who then sold them to the Chinese consumers.

He brings an extensive knowledge of European retail and FMCG, having worked as CEO of European retail business Blokker Holding, management consultant at Bain&Co. as well as having ten years FMCG experience at both Unilever and Coca-Cola.

Appears in:

Collaboration case between ePassi and Alipay

13/02/2020 / 16:15 - 16:35

ePassi & Alipay started collaboration and partnership in 2017. The first ever in the air QR code payment was done in collaboration with Finnair and then again in Rovaniemi by Santa Claus. Since then ePassi & Alipay collaboration has grown to be a strategic partnership supporting merchants to accept Alipay payments and Alipay users to be able to pay with their mobile wallets at ePassi merchant network in selected EU/ETA regions.