Seweryn Bak has 10+ years of banking experience in two global banks. He is experienced in building relationships and lending across multiple global geographies requiring traditional and sophisticated financial solutions.

His banking experience and IT knowledge he uses as a Executive Sales Director in Comarch, offering cross-industry state-of-the-art applications, dedicated systems and IT services for banks, insurers, brokerage houses, asset management companies, investment, pension funds and well-capitalized fintechs.

Seweryn holds two degrees from Gdansk University and Citi Commercial Credit College in New York.

Appears in:

Keynote: Short Guide to launch of an Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

09/02/2021 / 14:35 - 15:00

AI change is happening but are insurers prepared?
Seweryn will show that digital transformation for every insurance company is a key of importance to start experimenting with AI. In the Comarch short guide, three stages in the multi-level framework for digital transformation will be shown as well as what new technologies can be implemented.


Keynote: Business cases of Geolocation and Artificial Intelligence in Comarch’s fraud detection innovative approach

10/02/2021 / 14:35 - 14:50

Business cases of usage the Geolocation and Artificial Intelligence in AML in three different countries.