Sveinn Valfells is a co-founder and the CEO of Monerium, the first company authorized to issue e-money on blockchains. Prior to Monerium, he helped build and invested in several companies in biotech, bioinformatics, financial services, telecoms, mobile software, and venture capital. Sveinn is a graduate of Boston, Columbia, and Stanford universities and holds degrees in management science and physics.

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The Future of Digital Finance

13/02/2020 / 15:20 - 15:30

In June of 2019, Monerium became the first company authorized to issue e-money on blockchains. The company has since announced the first use cases, involving B2B transactions in partnership with Tradeshift, and also presented at the IMF and the WEF. The journey from start-up to a pioneering licensed institution started with a report completed by the company in 2016, Blockchains and the future of finance.

As laid out in the report, mainstream assets will be tokenized and transact through smart contracts on distributed ledgers. Monerium is helping bring that future about by issuing proven programmable digital form of fiat on blockchains, already supporting USD, EUR, GBP, and ISK.