Financial bad guys get smarter every day. Financial good guys are hobbled by regulatory hurdles and sleepy technology, slowing them down at every turn. Taavi Tamkivi is a crime fighter on a mission to change that. He has been leading Fraud, Revenue Assurance, and Consumer Analytics teams for decades. He built the AML, Fraud and KYC teams in TransferWise, Skype, among others.

His years of experience and knowledge in the industry, coupled with his strong desire to fight crime. Taavi decided to found his own company Salv Technologies. Now he is joining forces with fellow crime fighters around the world. As CEO of Salv, Taavi and his team of AML, engineering, and data science experts help banks and fintechs mitigate AML risks and outsmart⁠ the bad guys – all while dramatically reducing money laundering, increasing MRLOs’ sleep quality, and enabling the good guys to finally get ahead.

Appears in:

Panel Discussion: Limiting fraud waves, protecting the customer, strategies out of the ordinary

11/02/2020 / 15:50 - 16:20

As most Fintechs incorporate technological solutions like machine learning that result in intelligent flagging of suspicious transactions, there is always a need to discover smart and out-of-the-box ways to combat different types of criminal tricks. The goal of the panel is to share the best experience of how to spot fraud waves, limit them, educate and protect the consumer while taking out sometimes unusual but effective steps to stop the criminal appetite.