Aaro Mäkelä

Aaro Mäkelä

CEO at ALM Partners

Aaro is a financial sector professional, speaker and CEO and co-owner of ALM Partners. ALM Partners is a financial sector service provider for risk management, regulatory reporting, sustainability reporting, treasury and data management services. ALM Partners has 130 professionals available to support banks and other financial companies in Nordic countries. Aaro is also active speaker in the areas of national security and military. He is the President of The Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation having 28 000 members and Vice President of CIOR - Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers representing the interests of over 1.3 million reservists across 34 participating nations within and beyond NATO.

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The evolving world has a strong impact on the views we have on sustainability and corporate responsibility. This in turn has implications for our definition of these terms. Without a unified definition firms will struggle with how to measure and report ESG. This includes, for example, the areas of risk management and reporting for financial services, and will result in differences in classifications and requirements at different companies.

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