Anastasiya Lebedz

Anastasiya Lebedz

Sales Goddess at Goscore at Goscore

Anastasiya is co-founder and Sales Goddess at Goscore. She builds long-term and warm relationships with clients, explains machine learning magic in normal language, and inspires sales managers to sell with passion. Anastasiya co-founded Goscore to bring a cross-border credit scoring to the EU and help banks to get more creditworthy customers and reduce default rates by building sustainable lending practices. Meet Anastasiya: **15** years of experience in cold and outbound sales; **369** certificates in sales, coaching, and negotiations; **11828** hours dedicated to teaching others how to sell; **76** sales managers were led by Anastasiya; **22** sales departments built from scratch; **$1M** is the single biggest deal signed. So far :)

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goscore is a first cross-border credit scoring company. We allow you to live anywhere you want and bring your financial history with you.

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