Andreas Schneble

Andreas Schneble

VP Global Marketing & Communications at PPRO

Andreas is the VP of Global Marketing and Communications at PPRO, a leading digital payments infrastructure provider. He has held global Marketing, Communications and E-commerce Leadership positions in the US and Europe at global Iconic Brands like Levi's and Tech Giants like Oracle. Having worked both on the Enterprise side as well as Global Marketing and Communication Agencies such as Publicis -- across B2B and B2C, Software, Hardware, SaaS and Consumer Brands -- he brings broad expertise to all aspects of Global Marketing.

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New rails are now being mandated for instant payments around the world. In fact, in the autumn of 2022, the European Commission published its draft EU law to regulate instant payment (IP) services. The race for instant payments heats up around the world. How will Financial institutions be ready to embrace the new era of payments, which are seamless, interoperable and instant?

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