Anna Blyablina

Anna Blyablina

Co-founder at Sthlm Fintech Week

Anna is an enthusiastic and passionate professional in the Financial Industry specialising in building effective and mutually beneficial relationships with C-level executives at major banks, leading Financial Institutions, Fintechs, leading SIs, Strategic consultants, Cloud and Tech providers. She co-foundered Sthlm Fintech Week which plays a vital role in building the Swedish Fintech Community. She had been a part of growing Mambu from a scale-up to a unicorn by creating new partnerships in various countries. Today she is building the world’s most trusted payment technology at FORM3 and shares her knowledge of digital currencies and payments.

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Central banks around the world are getting involved in digital currencies with 105 countries currently exploring centralized digital currencies. Currently, the majority of countries are in the research stage. What is the role of the eurosystem and private market participants in the CBDC? How do we envisage CBDC fit into the existing payment ecosystem?

With: Ted ScheimanBeju ShahAnna BlyablinaSofia Lindh PossneJohan Schmalholz

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The official opening of Sthlm Fintech Week 2023! Hope you're ready, you'll have a blast!

With: Love DagerAnna BlyablinaLana Brandorne

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