Daniel Dellham

Daniel Dellham

Co-founder and CTO at Deedster

Daniel Dellham is the CTO and Sustainability Expert of Deedster. Daniel has devoted his professional career into the field of sustainability and technology. Already in 2010 he transformed his management consulting firm into specializing on sustainability advisory for larger corporations. He later sold his consultancy firm to KPMG where he was Head of Sustainability Consulting and involved in creating Ålands Index. 2016 he co-founded Deedster, an impact-driven fintech company who enables banks and corporates to engage their stakeholders in true climate action.

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A panel of bank representatives together with impact fintechs that will discuss how they create awareness in their customer base to leverage changed behavior to be more climate positive.

With: Jelena ZecKatarina Wangler BjörkDaniel DellhamKonstantin LezhninAjla Talovic

Part of Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action