Denisse Rudich

Denisse Rudich

CEO at Rudich Advisory

Denisse is a global champion of financial crime prevention initiatives with over 15 years delivering financial crime prevention – including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing – strategic solutions across banking and the public sectors. Denisse is Director of the G7 and G20 Research Groups (London), stood up the WEF’s Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, is a member of the Digital Assets Task Force (DATF) and Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. She set up the first global AML/CFT working group for the crypto industry, and acts as a Senior Advisor to The Sentry as well as RegTech, FinTech, crypto / virtual assets firms to manage AML/CFT risks. Denisse is also an author, speaker and moderator at industry events and mentor to start -ups.

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Following the crumbs. There is a general misperception by members of the traditional financial industry that Cryptocurrency transactions can not be tracked or frozen, but this is no longer true. There now are many commercial software providers of solutions for investigations, but issues with interoperability between different providers remain. Members of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, G7 Research Director will provide their reflections on where the problem might be, and why it is significant and members of the industry will provide their ideas of what and how can be done to address it.

With: Denisse RudichMagnus KarlssonSven MartinssonSviatoslav Dubovskyi

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