Johan Ragnar

Johan Ragnar

Legal Futurist at Synch

Business lawyer at Synch - the tech law firm - with strong record from the Banking and Finance Industry with specific competence in regulatory/compliance and Fintech. Served approx. 60 FinTech clients with legal advice during 2022.

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The case lawyer meets the Blockchain base investigator. A customer is getting defrauded for millions of SEK, bringing the case to law enforcement. Blockchain analytics indicates that a significant part of the funds can be stopped, seized, and recovered. However, the case was closed nearly immediately. Even though this is only one case, it is important to deconstruct the issues here step by step, to examine the room for improvement or how such cases could be handled in the future.

With: Michal GromekJohan Ragnar

Part of Combating the Dark Side of Fintech