Katarina Wangler Björk

Katarina Wangler Björk

Impact Applied Partnership Manager at Doconomy

Katarina Wangler Bjork is Impact Applied Partnership manager at Doconomy, and also heads Doconomy’s partnership with Mastercard Sustainability Innovation Lab, where she is the sustainability and innovation lead. Katarina has an extensive background in Sustainability, Innovation and strategic transformation. She brings a wealth of experience as a senior strategy, innovation and sustainability leader, previous Head of Innovation and Incubation at EY Nordics, having worked across a wide range of org’s – from startups to middle sized and large Nordic and Global companies, leading roles in the Swedish well recognized Climate and sustainability consulting agency 2050. Her background in climate issues dates 25 years back, with roles in business and policy, the last 10 years focusing on futureproofing strategies and business models.

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A panel of bank representatives together with impact fintechs that will discuss how they create awareness in their customer base to leverage changed behavior to be more climate positive.

With: Jelena ZecKatarina Wangler BjörkDaniel DellhamKonstantin LezhninAjla Talovic

Part of Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action