Konstantin Lezhnin

Konstantin Lezhnin

CEO at Dreams Sustainable AB

Konstantin is a seasoned retail banking professional. During the career he worked in audit, risk management, operations and last 10 years banking business development. Dreams is a financial wellness and climate action platform, helping people get control of their personal finances and achieve their own dreams, using behavioural science to make users make sounder financial decisions. We believe that sustainable lifestyle help you to save more money. We currently operate in Sweden and Norway.

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15:50 -

A panel of bank representatives together with impact fintechs that will discuss how they create awareness in their customer base to leverage changed behavior to be more climate positive.

With: Jelena ZecKatarina Wangler BjörkDaniel DellhamKonstantin LezhninAjla Talovic

Part of Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action