Lars  Sjögren

Lars Sjögren

CEO at Lola Consulting AB

Lars Sjögren is a Senior Executive, Board professional and Senior Adviser with extensive experience from Financial Services. He led the initiation and development of P27 Nordic Payments Platform for three years before that he held several Executive positions at Danske Bank leading various strategy, payments and platform related programs in his capacity as Business Development Director and COO. Today he is works for several fintech companies, banks and McKinsey.

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New rails are now being mandated for instant payments around the world. In fact, in the autumn of 2022, the European Commission published its draft EU law to regulate instant payment (IP) services. The race for instant payments heats up around the world. How will Financial institutions be ready to embrace the new era of payments, which are seamless, interoperable and instant?

With: Anders OlofssonAndreas SchnebleBenjamin WoodcockAndrew EdemLars Sjögren

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