Lennart Højgaard Kristensen

Lennart Højgaard Kristensen

Product Manager at Visma Dinero

Product Manager in Visma Dinero. I go to work everyday to give small business owners more time to do what they love. In Visma Dinero, we do so by automating accounting through open banking, ai, and innovation.

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The field of open banking is rapidly evolving, with opportunities for prosperous fintech solutions, banks and payment services. With many accounting platforms still relying on outdated ways of importing data into their systems, such as uploading documents or bank statements manually, we’ll dive into an interesting fireside between Mastercard and the accounting solution platform, Visma Dinero. The fireside showcases a real-life example of how open banking payments and data is implemented to simplify and automate processes for more than 80.000 SMB’s leveraging Visma Dinero in the Nordics. \- Moving from manual to automated: How has open banking data and PSD2 re-invented the way businesses handle reconciliation? \- Removing hassle from invoicing: How is open banking payments ensuring that businesses get paid on time? \- The numbers: What did the partnership between Mastercard and Visma Dinero succeed with? \- The future: What lies ahead for Visma Dinero in further leveraging open banking data and payments to become a full virtual CFO?

With: Tanya SlavovaLennart Højgaard Kristensen

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