Lisett Luik

Lisett Luik

Co-founder at Arbonics

Lisett Luik is the co-founder of [Arbonics](, a climate-tech company helping European landowners store more carbon and protect biodiversity. Before Arbonics, Lisett ran ops for a D2C company backed by Index Ventures, helped American Express acquire startups as part of the strategy team, and invested in tech companies with Plural’s Taavet Hinrikus and Sten Tamkivi. She first got into forestry by helping Taavet build a forest portfolio with thousands of hectares across the Baltics. With a background in economics and a business degree from Yale, she is most excited about the opportunity to help carbon markets become more transparent and fair for all.

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A panel, of climate fintechs and experts, will then discuss how an increasing number of fintechs have developed solutions for a more transparent, and verifiable VCM. And how their solutions enable more inclusive, and cost-effective markets, that will act as good role models – all for a more hopeful future.

With: Indrek KaldojaHelena NordstromRishabh KhannaLisett Luik

Part of Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action