Rishabh Khanna

Rishabh Khanna

Chief Impact Officer  at Earthbanc AB

Rishabh is a certified carbon and impact auditor under ISO 26000. He has influenced sustainability & climate and policy at the global level, including the creation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at Rio+20. He is author of the book Surging Beyond the Bottom Line and delivered contracts to Tata group, UN Habitat, UNCCD, African Development Bank, WWF, etc. He has an extensive knowledge of GHG accounting, sustainability reporting investment, and deal sourcing. 

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A panel, of climate fintechs and experts, will then discuss how an increasing number of fintechs have developed solutions for a more transparent, and verifiable VCM. And how their solutions enable more inclusive, and cost-effective markets, that will act as good role models – all for a more hopeful future.

With: Indrek KaldojaHelena NordstromRishabh KhannaLisett Luik

Part of Impact – How impact fintech enables climate action