Sebnem Erener

Sebnem Erener

Legal Counsel at Klarna Bank

Sebnem is a legal counsel with experience at the intersection of law, technology and policy. With a background in EU law, she has made it her professional focus to promote ethical and responsible use of technology.  Sebnem has experience working at legaltech and fintech companies, where she has advised on matters pertaining to regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and tech strategy. In addition to her legal background, Sebnem has experience working with software engineers and senior stakeholders in the tech industry. She is a guest lecturer at Lund University’s business law and human rights law programmes on digitalisation, surveillance, and trust services.

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This panel discussion will focus on the topic of whether or "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) strategies should be implemented by companies and, if so, how and where to start. The panelists will share their perspectives on the potential advantages and risks associated with BNPL strategies, discuss best practices for implementing such strategies, and describe how these strategies have been successful (or not) in their own organizations. The panel will also explore the impact of BNPL strategies on customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as the importance of understanding customer needs when planning BNPL strategies. Finally, the panel will discuss the importance of data-driven decision-making and how companies can use analytics to inform their BNPL strategies.

With: Harry BrunowDavid LarssonStig JohanssonHubert de LindeSebnem Erener

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