Sofia  Lindh Possne

Sofia Lindh Possne

Senior Advisor at Swedbank

Sofia Lindh Possne is a Senior Advisor at Group Regulatory Affairs, Swedbank. She is a member of the ECB Digital Euro Markets Advisory Group and chair of the European Retail and Saving Banks Group’s task force on CBDCs. Prior to Swedbank, Sofia has more than years of experience of working with financial stability policies; at the Swedish National Debt Office, the Riksbank, the SFSA and the OECD. 

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Central banks around the world are getting involved in digital currencies with 105 countries currently exploring centralized digital currencies. Currently, the majority of countries are in the research stage. What is the role of the eurosystem and private market participants in the CBDC? How do we envisage CBDC fit into the existing payment ecosystem?

With: Ted ScheimanBeju ShahAnna BlyablinaSofia Lindh PossneJohan Schmalholz

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