Sveinn Valfells

Sveinn Valfells

Co-founder, CEO at Monerium

Sveinn is a co-founder and the CEO of Monerium, the first company authorized to issue money on blockchains. The Monerium EURe is the only compliant euro token on-chain and can be transferred directly between bank accounts and blockchain wallets via a Monerium IBAN. Prior to Monerium, Sveinn helped start and manage companies in biotechnology, mobile software, telecom, and venture capital in Europe and the US.

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Listen in to understand the exciting developments being made in bringing Web3 to the mainstream economy. In this talk, Sveinn from Monerium will show how you can transfer the euro to a blockchain wallet in 30 seconds (and back).

With: Sveinn Valfells

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