Sven Martinsson

Sven Martinsson

Founder & CEO at VALEGA Chain Analytics

Sven, A Swedish-Brazilian living in Finland, has been working with digitalisation for a big part of his career. Most of it has ranged from management consultancy, to App development and finally into the crypto regulatory space. The importance of the field in the latter one, has been growing evermore in the past few years and led to the creation of VALEGA Chain Analytics. Sven is dedicated to make the crypto trading space safer and more connected between the private, public and consumer sectors when it comes to AML & CFT compliance.

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Following the crumbs. There is a general misperception by members of the traditional financial industry that Cryptocurrency transactions can not be tracked or frozen, but this is no longer true. There now are many commercial software providers of solutions for investigations, but issues with interoperability between different providers remain. Members of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, G7 Research Director will provide their reflections on where the problem might be, and why it is significant and members of the industry will provide their ideas of what and how can be done to address it.

With: Denisse RudichMagnus KarlssonSven MartinssonSviatoslav Dubovskyi

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