Sviatoslav Dubovskyi

Sviatoslav Dubovskyi

Regional Vice President at Crystal Blockchain

Sviat has been in the IT industry since 2014 and dedicated the last 5 years to fighting crime and preventing money laundering in the cryptocurrency space. As a financial forensics investigator for digital assets, he enjoys providing compliance services and contributing to the improvement of the crypto market. His work is centred around prevention, detection, and recovery activities related to investigating terrorism financing and other criminal activity. By offering private sector and government organisations access to essential tools, Sviat has made significant impact to combat crime and money laundering in the crypto space.

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Following the crumbs. There is a general misperception by members of the traditional financial industry that Cryptocurrency transactions can not be tracked or frozen, but this is no longer true. There now are many commercial software providers of solutions for investigations, but issues with interoperability between different providers remain. Members of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, G7 Research Director will provide their reflections on where the problem might be, and why it is significant and members of the industry will provide their ideas of what and how can be done to address it.

With: Denisse RudichMagnus KarlssonSven MartinssonSviatoslav Dubovskyi

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