Göran Almgren

Göran Almgren

Head of New Markets, co-founder at Enigio AB

Göran is head of new markets, board member and co-founder of Enigio. The Enigio team has been working with blockchain technology since 2012 when the company was founded.   In 2017 Enigio identified the need for digital assets within global trade and financing. To a large extent global trade and financing is still based on paper documents, so Enigio decided to create a solution for this problem.   Enigio trace:original mimics all the positive aspects of a paper document and removes all the drawbacks. The solution is generic and can be used for creating any types of digital assets.   Prior to founding Enigio, Göran held various management positions at OMX/NASDAQ and worked as an independent management consultant withing bank/finance. Göran has a master's degree in computer science and technology.

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NFTs is a good idea but it has several shortcomings. When owning a NFT you don’t own a unique artwork or, for example, a signed document containing a loan agreement, you own a unique token pointing to something. What if you could own the real thing? Imagine owning a unique digital artwork. You can store it wherever you wish, you can prove that you are in possession of the original, you can create copies of the original and you can sell the original to anyone - instantly.

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