Magnus Jones

Magnus Jones

Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead at EY

Magnus Jones is the Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead at EY Tax & Law. Within this area he works close together with key stakeholders such as authorities, banks and academia. He assist clients with everything from regulatory challenges to technical implementations. He is very experienced within the world of NFTs, DeFi and DAOs and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands on their Web3 projects. In addition to assisting some of the most successful start-ups within the area. Magnus has also among others assisted Norwegian Tax Authorities on creating the World’s first guidance’s on how to tax NFTs and also DeFi. He is part of the EY Global Metaverse Team, and is an experienced international speaker within digital trends and technology, covering many different areas through some of his roles as co-founder of the Norwegian Computer Society Group for Blockchain, co-founder and board member of Oslo Blockchain Cluster and a lecturer at EMBA classes at BI Norwegian Business School, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and the University of Oslo. He is also an advisor to the United Nations working group for Crypto and Counter-terrorism, and a member of the Interpol Expert Group on Metaverse.

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Metaverse is a hot topic, and several of the world’s largest brands are moving into virtual worlds. Still, many are struggling to understand how to enter the landscape and why? EY has assisted leading stakeholders on entering the Metaverse and the Web3 sphere, including governments where among others they assisted Norwegian Tax Authorities and the Registry Office on a world’s first project. Hear more about this and in addition Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead, will share some of EY’s key takeaways from their own experience of being present with a virtual office in Metaverse and combining Extended Reality, AI and Blockchain in practice. Join in for Metaverse; Why, How, Dos & Don’ts!

With: Magnus Jones

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